The secret of a man buying a mobile phone is chilling.

Drug addicts'numbers were purchased at a high cost, and Wechat was added one by one to publish drug trading information through Wechat, thus forming a secret drug trafficking channel.
Recently, after more than half a year of hard investigation, Wenzhou Ruian police successfully cracked a cross-provincial drug trafficking case, captured 10 suspects involved in the case, involving more than 2 million yuan, and completely destroyed a new type of network drug trafficking criminal massage
In May 2018, Ruian police found that a group of drug traffickers were secretly operating under Longwan and Ruian Tang in Wenzhou.
After careful investigation, in August this year, the police arrested three suspects of drug trafficking in Tangxia area, and seized several drugs on the spot.
No one can imagine that Han Mou, one of the suspects of drug trafficking, was once a successful businessman of tens of millions of dollars. He started his own business before he was 20 years old, and later succeeded in founding a car and motorcycle accessories factory. He was worth tens of millions of dollars at a young age, and owned two millions of luxury cars.male massage
After the business grew bigger, he was infected with drugs, spent years of savings, and sold factories and luxury cars, but no amount of money can fill the bottomless hole of drugs. Hanmou eventually chose to sell drugs and become a "peddler to feed and smoke" horse boy.
When Han and others were captured, careful police found that the drugs seized at the scene were divided into many small packages, each containing only a few grams. The police judged that the captured people were probably just "horses", and the real "fox" was still hiding in the dark.
Civilian police investigation found that the three drug dealers captured earlier all came from a person nicknamed "urban stranger" in spa
According to Han Mou and others, "urban strangers" always hide drugs first, and then tell them the hiding place by Wechat.
With in-depth investigation, the police found that the "urban stranger" in Wenzhou also has a special "middleman".
Every time, urban strangers send large packs of drugs to "middlemen" from other places, then subcontract drugs by "middlemen" and hide them. Finally, urban strangers send hiding places to other "horses". By sending addresses back and forth, drug subcontracting and hiding are realized.
On October 22 this year, Ruian police captured Chen Mou, a 43-year-old intermediary, and found a verdict with a "commentary" in Chen Mou's residence.
Originally, Chen Mou was sentenced to one year and nine months'imprisonment for drug trafficking in 2015. During his time in prison, his cohabiting girlfriend Tian Mou and brother-in-law were arrested by the police for drug trafficking, and then sentenced one after club
In June 2017, Chen Mou was released from prison after serving his sentence. When he saw Tian Mou's verdict, he carefully "delved into it", drew lines, aggravated points and added marks, in order to find out the methods of investigation and solving cases by public security organs and the standards of sentencing by courts, so as to escape the attack of law.
After a large number of investigations, the Ryan police identified the real identity of "urban strangers". Huang Mou, a 33-year-old Huangshi man from Hubei Province, was the "real source" of drug trafficking hidden behind the scenes by remote control.
On October 22, the police went to Hubei and successfully arrested the suspect Huang Mou and his wife Hou Mou with the cooperation of the local police. After interrogation, the two men confessed to their drug trafficking crimes.
According to Huang, he spent 100,000 yuan to buy a mobile phone from an illegal channel, which has more than 200 contact phones, all of which are drug users.
Subsequently, Huang registered the "urban strangers" micro-signal with this number, and released drug trading information through Weichat, and carried out drug trafficking activities through "agents" and "Mazai".
In order to recruit "Ma Zai", Huang also released so-called "recruiting" information through the circle of friends.
At present, the police have captured 10 suspects suspected of drug trafficking and all of them have been arrested. The specific cases are still under further investigation.