The boy drifted on the river and the police rescued the fire

The 9-year-old boy drifted in the river for nearly two hours. Fortunately, the public security and fire protection worked together to rescue the boy from danger.
At about 17:30 p.m. on December 22, 2018, the Huqiao Police Station of Fengxian Public Security Bureau received a public alarm that a little boy was floating on the river near Sihu Road in the jurisdiction area and could not reach the bank. He asked the police for massage
Hu Hu police station rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm, and saw a little boy sitting on a bubble like board in the middle of the river. Because the river is deep, the police can not approach it for a while.
Shortly afterwards, the fire department rushed to the scene. The police looked around and found a boat nearby. The police and firemen joined forces to appease the boy's feelings on the one hand. On the one hand, he used a small boat near the foam board and eventually rescued the boy from the shore.male massage
Subsequently, the police took the boy back to the house for temporary care. Originally, the little boy was named Xiaohao. He was 9 years old and lived in Huqiao Village. In the afternoon, Xiao Hao accidentally wet his clothes because he was afraid of being punished by his parents. He was afraid to go home on the foam board on the riverside. I did not want the foam board to drift to the center of the river with the water, then it was blocked by the weeds in the river, and it was not drifted away until the passers-by found the police. It is reported that Xiaohao had been on the river for nearly two hours when he was rescued by police and fire spa
After Xiaohao was brought back to the house, the police brought hot water and biscuits to Xiaohao to fill his hunger. At the same time, they tried every means to contact the family of the child, and finally the child was safely handed over to the family. In this regard, the police also reminded the public that for those with children in their homes, they should raise safety awareness and do a good job of security guardianship. At the same time, try to educate children not to play by the river in order to avoid club