Notification of Telecommunication Network Fraud

Oriental Network reporter Liu Li reported on December 14: This morning, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau released the situation of public security organs cracking down on and preventing telecommunication network fraud since 2018. According to the police, as of the end of November, the top six fraudulent modes of telecommunication network were "impersonating customer service", "impersonating public security law", "part-time job and brushing reputation", "online shopping", "impersonating acquaintances and leaders", "loan and financial management". Among them, "impersonating customer service" type of telecommunications network fraud accounts for more than massage
Police said they had announced several common methods of "impersonating customer service" telecommunications network fraud, including: impersonating express delivery company customer service, insurance company claim customer service and clicking on fishing links according to each other's requirements; impersonating charger platform customer service, merchant customer service, requiring the victim to add the tripartite software of the criminal suspect; impersonating financial regulator, bank, online lending company, ordering meals. Platform, vehicle insurance company customer service, guide the victim to provide bank card number, password, SMS verification code and other information after stealing the victim's money, or add victim chat software, tripartite software and other software to refund, defraud money and money.male massage
Police said that the following characteristics are common in fraudulent cases of pretending to be customer service. Suspects often use unfamiliar mobile phone numbers, fixed phones and chat software to contact victims. Later, the suspect asked the victim to leave the original trading platform or business operation, and add chat software, tripartite payment and other social software with the victim, send phishing website links, two-dimensional code and other ways to refund, compensation.
After the victim provides important information such as personal identity card number, photo of identity card, bank card number, bank card password and so on, the criminal suspect will ask the victim to use the Internet APP loan software to borrow the balance of three-party software and then withdraw it to his bank card for refund and compensation. Under such circumstances, the victim will operate in a short time according to the guidance of the criminal suspect. If the time is delayed, the victim will not be able to get a refund or compensation, and eventually be deceived into taking money and spa
Police said that express delivery, logistics, e-commerce trading platform, banks and other departments found problems, will not require the victim to leave the platform through social software with transfer function to refund, indemnity, let alone the victim through the form of online APP software loans to refund, indemnity. Similarly, the regular refund and indemnity will have a time review stage, and the victim will not be required to follow the instructions in a short club
Police warn that if the public encounters any order transaction problems, please call the regular customer service telephone reserved by the merchant, and do not trust the person who contacts you through other means. At the same time, to protect personal information security, do not arbitrarily leak personal identity information, family information and all kinds of order information on the website, encounter links do not click at will, encounter two-dimensional code do not scan at will, encounter phone do not sky massage