Woman of Miaoling Suddenly Attacked and Hurtled

On May 8, 2018, at 9:110 a.m., a criminal case broke out at the entrance of a community on Chaozhou Road, Putuo District.
Mr. Qu is a staff member of a supermarket at the entrance of the community. Although it has been six months since the case was committed, Mr. Qu still has many details in mind at that time. He remembered that morning, a young woman in her early twenties pushed the door into the supermarket.gay massage
The pink woman didn't mean to buy anything. She asked Mr. Qu to borrow mud for emergency. She said her family was waiting at the door to sign the agreement.
As can be seen from the surveillance, the quarrel broke out between the men and women at the supermarket entrance, and then the more intense the quarrel became. After a while, the man suddenly pulled something out of his bag.
Across the glass, only a dull knock was heard. Mr. Qu fixed his eyes on it. The man had a hammer in his hand.
A burst of smash, the woman has fallen to the ground, but the man is still not willing to give up. Mr. Qu recalled that after more than a dozen smashes, Miao-ling women had become flesh-and-blood and unconscious. After that, the murderer dialed 110 and 120 on his mobile phone. Subsequently, the police and medical personnel arrived at the scene.male massage
While blocking the scene of the case, the police will control the man who is still in the place of the killer. The man's name is Luo Jiaolin. After the case, Luo Jiaolin repeatedly said that he never wanted to kill each other, but the surveillance video can not be faked, nor can it deceive people. The 26-year-old man named Luo Jiaolin was clearly responsible for the harmful acts. So what exactly does he have to do with women? What's the grievance?
They used to be a couple. Luo Jiaolin, 26 years old, was born in Guizhou. He dropped out of school after a month of junior high school because of poor family conditions. In 2006, Luo Jiaolin, who had just turned 14, came to work in a garage in Liupanshui for eight years.
Xu Hui (a pseudonym) who was two years younger, met Xu Hui, a lively and extroverted man, and Luo Jiaolin, an introverted man, whose personalities complemented each other, and they soon fell in love. Since Xu Hui never found a suitable job in her hometown, the couple came to Hangzhou to work. Xu Hui was pregnant during the period. After discussing, they decided to keep the baby alive. In 2016, Xu Hui gave birth to a son named Luo Yuanbao. The small life brought a little joy to the couple's plain married life, but at the same time it was accompanied by economic pressure.gay club
At that time, Luo Jiaolin was once obsessed with lottery tickets, spent more than 100,000 yuan and was heavily in debt. At the end of April this year, Xu Hui officially broke up with Luo Jiaolin. The two men discussed the separation at Xuhui's mother's home in Shandong Province.
Just then, Luo Jiaolin learned from Xu Hui's brother that she had a new boyfriend, Mingmou. Although he promised to break up temporarily, Luo Jiaolin was jealous for several days and could not sleep at night when he learned the news of his new boyfriend.gay bar
On May 7, Xu Hui left Shandong for Shanghai. Luo Jiaolin decided she wanted to have a private meeting with her new boyfriend and went to Shanghai with her. During the meeting with Xu Hui, the scene at the beginning of the article happened.
Now, although Xu Hui has recovered a life, she has basically lost the ability to take care of herself, and may suffer in pain for the rest of her life. And Luo Jiaolin, no matter what reason, will be punished severely by law if he uses such ferocious and cruel means to lay hands on a former pillow man.gay sky massage