Solve the car purchase fraud case

Ms. Wang, who finally took a fancy to a new car, met Chen Mou, a car salesman, with the introduction of his friend Mr. Qian. Chen said that the price he gave was much lower than the market price. Ms. Wang believed it and paid Chen more than 200,000 yuan in car purchase. Who knows that in the end, the new car didn't come and the money could not come back. After investigation, the suspect Chen Mou cheated five victims through "low price temptation" successively, and the case value was more than 840,000 yuan. At present, Chen Mou has been detained by Baoshan police according to law on suspicion of massage
A total of 840,000 Baoshan car fraud cases were solved by automobile sales "killing ripeness"
Figure: The suspect communicates with the salesman of 4S shop and asks the car payment to the suspect's account first. Map for Baoshan Public Security Bureau
The temptation to lower the market price
On October 29 this year, Ms. Wang, who lives in Tonghe District, came to the Tonghe New Village Police Station of Baoshan Public Security Bureau with her friend Mr. Qian to report to the police that they were deceived by the same car sales.male massage
Originally, in July this year, Ms. Wang was going to buy a car, pick and choose. Ms. Wang finally decided to buy a model of a certain brand and style. At that time, the market price was about 250,000 yuan. After all, it's a big expense like buying a car. Ms. Wang compares prices and consults everywhere in the market and in the circle of friends. A friend, Mr. Qian, says that she has a friend who sells cars at a discount price. Ms. Wang is heartened.
On August 9, Ms. Wang and Mr. Qian came to Chen Mou from an automobile sales company located in Jiangyang South Road. The price of the car Chen Mou gave at that time was nearly 10,000 yuan lower than the market price. Ms. Wang was very satisfied, and immediately signed a formal car purchase contract with Chen, the contract agreed to pick up the car within 45 days, and on the spot through online mobile bank transfer, paid a deposit of 50,000 yuan. On August 29, Mr. Qian also signed a car purchase contract with Chen Mou, and paid a deposit of 20,000 yuan to Chen Mou on the spa
A total of 840,000 Baoshan car fraud cases were solved by automobile sales "killing ripeness"
Figure: 4S shop salesperson Miss Chen urged the suspect to pay. Map for Baoshan Public Security Bureau
The "Routine" of Ring Tightening
Seeing the delivery date of the contract, on October 9, Chen contacted Miss Chen, a salesperson of the 4S shop of Qilian Mountain South Road in Putuo District. She ordered the car that Wang and Qian needed to buy there, and paid 15,000 yuan deposit to Miss Chen through Wechat Transfer, which is called earning the difference price. The customers of the car's tail money will first call into the account of Chen's company, and then be paid by Chen. To 4S club
Because she had been cooperating with Chen Mou before, Miss Chen agreed. After all the arrangements are in place, on October 16, Chen Mou took Ms. Wang and Mr. Qian to the above-mentioned Toyota 4S shop to watch the car. After they finished looking at the car in 4S shop, they used the POS machine with Chen Mou to swipe their cards at one time and remitted the amount to the account of Chen Mou's automobile sales company.
Suddenly lost sales
After paying the final payment, Ms. Wang contacted Chen again and found that she could not contact him, and asked Mr. Qian again, she could not contact Chen. So they contacted Ms. Chen, a salesperson in 4S shop, to ask about the car lift. Ms. Chen said that Chen and her company did not pay the tail money, only paid a small amount of money, and could not proceed with the next car purchase. On October 19, the helpless Ms. Wang and Mr. Qian could only come together to Tonghe New Village Police Station to report to the police.
The police immediately launched an investigation on Chen, and learned that Chen is the legal representative and actual manager of an automobile sales service limited company. This kind of company is the second-level agent of the major automobile 4S stores. It earns the difference by buying cars at a low price from the automobile 4S stores and selling them to customers at a high price. The car sales company has closed its doors, and Chen's apartment in Shanghai has been empty. Following up further, the police found that Chen probably had fled back to his hometown in sauna
On November 22, with the cooperation of Shandong police, the police succeeded in capturing Chen Mou, a suspect hiding in his hometown in Tengzhou, Shandong Province.
After the case, Chen confessed to the fact of his fraud. Chen explained that since the second half of 2017, his automobile sales business has been declining all the way, resulting in a large number of loans unable to repay, so he thought of using customers'car purchase funds to turnover to fill the funding gap. In order to get the car payment as soon as possible, Chen Mou started from his familiar friends. So far, Chen has cheated five victims in the same way. The total amount of the fraud is more than 840,000 yuan. At present, Chen Mou has been detained by Baoshan police in accordance with the law on suspicion of sky massage
Police reminded: Car purchase should be prudent, should go to regular car sales companies, 4S stores, do not pay money in private companies, private cars and other irregular ways of car purchase, in order to prevent cheating.