Teacher's husband and wife stick to Dashan for 18 years

CHINA NEW NETWORK, Chengdu, Dec. 6 (Reporter He Shaoqing) "My biggest dream is to let every child not drop out of school because of poverty, let them learn knowledge, grow up with their own strength to change their hometown." Zhang Rong, a primary school teacher in Yuanding Village, Heitan Township, Nanjiang County, Bazhong City, said in Chengdu on June 6 that she and her husband had been living with their children for 18 years. Although they worked hard, they grew up healthily and happily, and she felt that all the efforts were worth it.gay massage
On the same day, Sichuan Province's "Most Beautiful Family" story tour and Sichuan Province's "Five Good Families" and "Most Beautiful Family" awards were held in Chengdu. During the conference, Zhang Rong, the representative of the "most beautiful family" in China in 2017, shared the story that she and her husband have adhered to Dashan for 18 years and become the parents of 801 left-behind children.male massage
Nanjiang County, Bazhong County, Sichuan Province, is located in the hinterland of Daba Mountain and a poverty-stricken county at the national level. When Zhang Rong and her husband went home to visit their relatives in 1999, they found that several children of the right age were playing in the fields during class. "This scene made me and my husband very uncomfortable, and the idea of running a school back home came into being." Zhang Rong said that they took out all their savings at home, transformed the hall into a classroom, used the yard dam as a playground, opened the first family-style private school in the countryside, and officially began the education of left-behind children in the countryside.gay spa
Zhang Rong and her husband's hard work soon won the approval of their parents. Students expanded from their village to more than a dozen villages nearby. Even parents from other counties sent their children to them. Children live and eat at school, and parents are only responsible for the cost of study and living.gay club
In 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Rong moved to Yuanding Village Primary School, where they started their school-based life. They were transferred to Yuandingcun Primary School together with dozens of students studying in the school. "Most of these students are left-behind children in distress, including orphans, single-parent children and children born out of wedlock." Zhang Rong recalled that she would wash their hair, bathe and wash their clothes, cook plentiful meals and make tooth sacrifices on weekends, and her husband would cook with fire and do logistics. At weekends, she would call children to meetings to study and guide them to "how to live, how to be a man, and how learning can change their destiny".gay sauna
Young children cry and miss their mothers when they go to bed at night. In order to alleviate their homesickness, Zhang Rong always sleeps with several children in her arms every night. "The room next to my dormitory is the dormitory for young children. Every night I will sing and tell stories to lull them to sleep, and then go to bed by myself." Zhang Rong said that although it was hard to be a mother of 801 children, when she heard the voice of the children calling their mother, she felt that she had not lived in vain in her life.
On that day, the conference unveiled the list of winners of "Five Good Families" and "Most Beautiful Families" in Sichuan Province, and awarded awards to the winners and collective representatives. At the event site, an exhibition of excellent family theme works in Sichuan Province was also held. Nearly 200 family theme works, such as calligraphy and painting, family training articles, photographic pictures and so on, were exhibited.gay sky massage