Daughter's whole body burns and father's skin cut to save her

At 17 years old, Li Chenxi, a girl from Xinxiang, Henan Province, was treated in the intensive care unit of Xinxiang Second People's Hospital because of an explosion caused by the leakage of liquefied gas from her kitchen, which caused 80% skin burns. The girl and her father, Li Zhifeng, are very close. She asked her father several times why he didn't come back. Her mother said with tears that her father was out at work. Li Chen-xi didn't blame his father for not coming back to take care of her. She also told her mother to tell her father, "I'm almost ready. Don't rush back and take care of myself outside." In fact, Li Chen-xi didn't know, and his father was lying in a hospital bed downstairs. Dad transplanted a whole skin from his left leg to her, and now he is experiencing the same severe pain as her. Despite the family's difficulties, the Li Zhifeng family are trying to raise money to treat their daughter's illness. Li Zhifeng said, "The whole family will guard her, hoping that she can recover to school early and prepare for next year's college entrance examination." ?gay massage
Li Zhifeng, his father, has been lying in hospital bed for a month. His left leg is still wrapped with a thick layer of gauze and elastic bandage. He should focus his whole body on his right leg, move forward a little, and do rehabilitation exercises. Doctors advised him to rest and exercise properly after leg skin removal, but Li Zhifeng practised walking as much as possible as he could, as long as his body allowed, because the skin of his leg transplanted was hidden from his daughter. He hoped that when he saw Li Chen-xi, he would not be seen as strange by her. In the afternoon, the doctor in the intensive care unit promised to send Li Zhifeng a video of his daughter. He had been waiting with his mobile phone.male massage
In October, when farmers were busy, Li Zhifeng and his wife were busy outside, leaving only 17-year-old daughters and 11-year-old sons who were on National Day holidays. "At that time, they were doing their homework at home, not in the same room. They heard a noise at home and did not know what was going on. They said they would open the door and have a look. My daughter said to let my brother do his homework. She went to see it. As a result, the kitchen leaked liquefied gas and the door exploded in an instant. The whole child was on fire. At that time, she was wearing short-sleeved shorts, her clothes and skin were burning.gay spa
Later, Li Chenxi was rushed to the hospital for rescue. After diagnosis, she suffered from multiple second and third degree burns, covering an area of 80%, accompanied by inhalation injury, hypovolemic shock and blast injury. She was critically ill. After many operations, she was still in intensive care unit at all times. To Li Zhifeng's slight relief, his daughter is now conscious and her language function has not been lost. When delivering meals every day, he and his wife shout their daughter's name several times across the door of the guardianship room and ask her how she is. When Li Chenxi's response comes out gently from the inside, the couple's eyes are suddenly covered with a layer. White mist.gay club
Li Chenxi in the ward was covered with gauze all over her body. Nevertheless, when she could hardly see her parents, she would show a brilliant smile, which hurt Li Zhifeng's heart. "My girl is very strong and sensible. She and the nurses and doctors in the ward said,"I don't want my parents to see my uncomfortable situation." Son. " He buried his face in his hands powerlessly. "There was laughter in the house where she was. We just wanted the girl to get better soon."
On August 24, 2001, Li Chenxi was born in the countryside of Xinxiang, Henan Province. He has been in Senior Three this year. She was her father Li Zhifeng's "cotton jacket" since childhood. When she was only over three years old, Li Zhifeng was in bed for three months because of illness. Because his wife worked outside, Xiao Chen Xie was the only one at home to take care of him. "When I was resting in bed, the girl accompanied me and talked to me and asked me,'Is Dad any better? Does it hurt? Then help me with my things before and after running. At that time, she was very small, lively and cheerful, which made me laugh all the time. She even helped me pour the bedpan. Later, I began to walk. The doctor said that to go out to exercise, the girl would follow me out to accompany me to exercise. She went out and came back again. She was afraid that I was not feeling well. The three-year-old baby never said to me, "Daddy, I'm tired, you hold me for a while."gay sauna
In the family's impression, Li Chenxi is mostly a flower-like girl from childhood, with gentle and kind smiles in her eyebrows. She always helps her mother do housework, learn to cook, and wash clothes by herself. After having a younger brother, he took on the responsibility of his sister and sometimes helped his brother with the topic. Later, Li Zhifeng went to Wuhan to work. His wife stopped working and stayed at home to take care of the children's diet and living. Li Chenxi High School attended a boarding school near his home. Although he was busy with his homework, he would rush home to eat his mother's lunch at noon. "When she chooses her mouth, she feels that her mother's cooking is delicious."
Sisters and brothers are in good mood. They both like to sing pop songs at home and sing together to their parents. After my sister was injured in the explosion, my brother was sent to my grandmother's house for temporary care. The 11-year-old boy wiped his tears and told his grandmother, "I'm a boy. I don't want to look good. I wish the explosion had happened to me. I'd like to help my sister." Speaking of this, Li Zhifeng was no longer able to control his emotions. "My girl said, fortunately, I was injured, and my brother was still young, so it must hurt more and more."gay sky massage
Because Li Chen-xi's burn area was too large, Li Zhifeng decided to let the doctor transplant his entire leg skin to his daughter, which the family kept secret from her. "Because her daughter is so sensible, doctors and nurses praise her as excellent. We are afraid that she is worried about how long she can hide it from us.