Women blackmail old man with naked photos

On April 11 this year, the police took over the 72-year-old victim Zhang Mou, saying that he had found a "peach robbery" by using Wechat to search for "people nearby", and had been photographed by the other party and blackmailed for 15,000 yuan.gay massage
Zhang Mou, 72, is idle. He has a wife and a daughter. One day, he found Ms. Luo, 39, with a "nearby person" by Wechat. They talked very happily. According to Luo Mou, she and Zhang Mou knew each other through the chat software "people nearby" function. Zhang's thoughtfulness makes her dependent.gay spa
But things are not as good as they seem. On April 11, Zhang reported to the police that he had been threatened by Luo Mou and a man named Peng to write 20,000 yuan in arrears. After further investigation, the police found that Luo and Peng were suspected of extortion. They were arrested by the police on April 13. The fuse was their bedphotos. Luo and Peng threatened Zhang with their bedphotos to inform him.
Suspect Mrs. Luo: "I opened the people around me and he added me. I'm a little emotionally dependent on him. I really feel that way.male massage
Luo Mou said that the reason why she was angry was that Zhang Mou contacted more than one woman and treated herself more and more badly. Looking at the photos in the mobile phone, Luo Mou had the idea of blackmail. After a quarrel, Luo sent threatening text messages to Zhang with a strange number.
Suspect Luo Nu: "Texting seems to kill you. My wife didn't come back tonight. I sent it in the name of my husband. I said that if the money gave me the photo of my mobile phone, it would be deleted. Isn't it an appointment the next day? I said 30,000 yuan, and he finally called me 20,000 yuan in arrears. On the date of arrears, he said that he would give 5000 in 5 days. When three days came, he called himself to say that he had no money. On the afternoon of the 2nd day, he called me and said that I had no money. Can I talk about it again? Less I said, I can do it."
Before his last appointment, Luo Mou came to Pengmu, a fellow villager, to bolster himself. At this time, the victim Zhang Mou had already called the police, but on April 13, he arrived at the appointed place with about 5,000 yuan in cash.gay club
Suspect Mrs. Luo: "Pengmu gave me some money, and I stuffed the bag. When I stuffed the bag, I deleted the photo. Before the contact person could delete it, we came out. As soon as I left the snack gate in Shaxian, the police caught me.
It is amazing that the suspect Peng Mou is less than 40 years old, while the victim Zhang Mou is old and rare, but the two are in the vast crowd of people through Wechat.
Suspect Mrs. Luo: "He told me he was 54 years old. I didn't see his ID card, so I didn't verify his age." It wasn't until she was in prison that Ms. Luo knew her partner was over 70 years old.
The prosecution advised caution in making friends, protecting personal privacy and guarding against being cheated.
The prosecutor said: "Before, we often dealt with cases of male suspects blackmailing female victims, but this case is more special, is a young woman blackmailing elderly male victims, we remind the audience friends, regardless of men and women in the process of communication should be treated rationally. "gay sky massage