The first extradition case of the State Supervisory Commission:

Yao Jinqi, 62, stood in Terminal 3 of Capital International Airport as he stepped down from the plane ladder, declaring the end of his 13-year "life-threatening" career. He looked calm and his mood did not fluctuate.
In 2005, Yao Jinqi, then the executive vice-governor of Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, was found to have used his position to receive huge amounts of property from others. It has been 13 years since we fled in a hurry in December of that massage
Yao Jinqi was listed as a red wanted warrant in October this year. Immediately afterwards, he was captured by Bulgarian police on the basis of Hongtong, who had just obtained the Bulgarian Green Card and had applied for naturalization.
This is the first successful extradition case since the establishment of the National Supervisory Commission in March this year. Yao Jinqi has also become the first national staff member suspected of duty crimes successfully extradited from EU member states.male massage
At 9 a.m. on November 30, Yao Jinqi, a suspect who had just been extradited from Bulgaria, was deeply impressed by the media in the lounge of Terminal 3 of Capital International Airport.
Yao Jinqi was born in 1956. Before fleeing, he was the executive vice-governor of Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province. Xinchang County, located in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, is a county under the jurisdiction of Shaoxing City.
The major turning point occurred in 2005, when Zhejiang officials managed the collusion between officials and businessmen in the real estate sector of Shaoxing City. Xinchang County officialdom "serial downfall" is one of them.
At that time, Xu Xiaoxi, the owner of Zhejiang Kangxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. from Xinchang, offered a large number of local officials to the prosecution, leading to many bribery cases, including Yao Jinqi.
These cases are almost the same. Officials take bribes from developers in return for facilitating relocation, land use and land spa
For example, in Xinchang County, according to the provincial prosecution, a real estate group with nearly 90,000 square meters of agricultural land first deposited the farmland in the warehouse, and then changed it into commercial land by the Xinchang County Government through planning, which was re-photographed by the real estate group in the form of "bidding and hanging".
In the process of land bidding, the officials involved set multiple conditions for the real estate developers, and eventually they were auctioned to the group by "directional" auction, thus obtaining huge benefits and fees.
The form of the real estate nest case is not special, the paradox is that the subsequent series of disclosure. In an interview with the media at that time, the investigators once said, "There are many kinds of cases. Everyone is a member of the network. Sometimes the officials pull out the boss, sometimes the boss pulls out the officials, sometimes the officials pull out the officials."gay club
"I got the Bulgarian Green Card in 2016 and submitted my application for naturalization this year. I thought I was finally free. I didn't expect the police car to come before me as soon as I got on the Red Cross."
Yao Jinqi's "Red Want Order" was issued by Interpol on October 3 this year. Less than half a month later, on October 17, he was captured by Bulgarian police.
Whether the "Red Cross" personnel fall into the net or the relevant personnel recovered from abroad, generally speaking, the four main methods are extradition, repatriation of illegal immigrants, prosecution and persuasion in different sauna
The so-called "extradition" is an act of international judicial assistance in which a country sends a person who is in its own territory, accused of being a criminal or has been sentenced by a foreign country to that foreign country for trial or punishment at the request of the foreign country.
At present, China has signed extradition treaties with more than 50 countries, and has explored extradition cooperation with many countries on the basis of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.
China signed an extradition treaty with Bulgaria as early as 1996. According to the relevant staff of the Central Escape Office, in this Yao Jinqi case, we made an extradition request in the name of the State Supervisory Commission, which was respected, recognized and supported by the insurer, and gave feedback very promptly and bar
More than a month later, on November 26, Bulgaria's Sofia District Court decided to extradite Yao Jinqi to China.
On November 29, Bulgaria local time, the Chinese Working Group and Bulgarian law enforcement authorities handed over extradition objects at the detention places at Sofia Airport.
After 13 years of fleeing, Yao Jinqi believed that he was "captured is inevitable" and "dragging himself there will only kill him and break the way back."
Since the State Supervisory Commission officially unveiled its name in Beijing on March 23, it has ushered in several "first".
On April 1, Wang Xiaoguang, the former standing committee of the Guizhou Provincial Committee and former vice governor of the provincial government, was released on the website of the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Disciplinary Commission for accepting disciplinary review and investigation on suspicion of serious violations of discipline and law. This is the first case of detention after the establishment of the State Supervision Commission.
On June 22, Lai Mingmin, the former president of the Jiangmen Branch of the Bank of China who fled for 17 years, returned to China to submit his case and voluntarily returned the stolen goods, becoming the first "100 Hongtong personnel" to be registered after the establishment of the State Supervisory Commission.
On July 11, Xu Chaofan, the principal offender of the 17-year Kaiping Branch Case, who fled the United States, was repatriated from abroad, becoming the first case of repatriating corrupt escapees from abroad after the establishment of the National Supervisory Commission.
In August this year, the State Supervisory Commission and other five departments issued for the first time the "Notice on Urging Fugitive Offenders to Surrender in Offshore Crime Cases".
After Yao Jinqi arrived at the case, the website of the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission commented that at present, there is only one month to go before the deadline for the "voluntary surrender announcement". Time is running out! If the fleeing personnel are still procrastinating, tangling, hesitating and waiting, and let the opportunity to strive for leniency be lost in vain, the only way to come is to punish them severely according to sky massage