Investigation: False use of school status is true

Recently, the online message "Huang Haixia 10 years cold window suspected of being Huang Fenglingding school roll". Changge City attaches great importance to this and has set up a joint investigation team composed of the Municipal Discipline Commission, the Supervisory Commission, public security, education and other departments. After preliminary investigation and verification, Huang Weixia, a native of Qiuzhuang Village, Foerhu Town, used to be named Huang Haixia as a student. In 1993, Huang Fengling took the place of Huang Haixia in the entrance examination. It is true that she falsely used her student massage
According to Voice of China's "News Vertical and Horizontal" report: Recently, the news that a female student in Changge, Henan Province was suspected of being impersonated by her cousin caused a heated discussion. Ms. Huang Haixia of Changge City, Henan Province, was admitted to Xuchang Normal University with 498 points in 1993, but she has not received the admission notice. More than a decade later, she complained to the relevant departments that her school status had been replaced by her cousin's impersonation. However, Huang Haixia's cousin-in-law gave a completely different statement in an interview yesterday, saying that Huang Haixia went to sell pork at the end of 1992. It was not Huang Haixia who took the exam, but her cousin.male massage
In 1993, Huang Haixia, who is about to graduate from junior high school, applied to Xuchang Normal School, but after the examination, she did not receive an admission notice. Huang Haixia told reporters that the reason why she did not receive the admission notice was that the notice was intercepted and the other party moved her account with the notice, and the person who replaced her was Huang Fengling, uncle's daughter.
Huang Haixia found the archives of the year, she told reporters: "The admission form for 1993 freshmen, with my name Huang Haixia, born in July 1977, proved to be myself. The examination result was 498. At that time, I was admitted by Xuchang Normal University, but I didn't receive a notice. This is my registration form when I graduated from junior high school. The above photos, names and other information are all my Huang Haixia's identity information. This is a physical examination form for candidates before going to Xuchang Normal University. It has my Huang Haixia's name information on it, but the photo was replaced by Huang Fengling. When we know it, it's already after 2000. It's been more than ten years. It never occurred to me that my relatives could do this better than their club
Huang Haixia said that after the media reported the incident, she had been given a reconciliation call, proposing to use money to solve the problem: "Just see how much it costs, there can be out, can accept it all counted. If you want his money, tell him how much it will cost. If you don't want his money, you don't want a penny. Let him sit at your father's place and say, the brothers have reconciled, nothing is done, and don't ask for any guarantee or apology, it's no sauna
At present, Huang Fengling is still using the name Huang Haixia in Changge No. 1 Primary School. Huang Haixia said that for this matter, she will stick to the end of the investigation: "Her injury to me and to my family can not be solved with money, I will stick to the end of this matter, pursue it, to return to my share."
Huang Fengling's husband, Zhang Baocheng, was interviewed yesterday to refute Huang Haixia's claim that he went to Ganghe, Zhengzhou, to sell pork at the end of 1992. Many people in the village knew about it. Zhang Baocheng said that Huang Fengling, as a re-enrolled student, borrowed Huang Haixia's credentials as arranged by the school. Huang Fengling herself took the exam at that time: "She went to study in 1993, and there must be witnesses. We have provided a lot of things, and now they are in the Education Committee. Her classmates'ID numbers, the current working place, the school where she teaches, the mobile phone number, you can check with the Education Committee. At that time, there were all such re-entry classes in the school. Her school record was my wife. At that time, Zhang San used Li Si. That was all done in the school, not your personal spa
Huang Haixia and her cousin apparently contradict each other. Both of them seem to agree that her cousin took the place of Huang Haixia in school. The controversy is over who actually took the exam. Huang Haixia said that the exam was completed by herself; her cousin said that Huang Haixia herself did not take the exam, from the exam to school, were completed by her sky massage