A word of disagreement led to a fight

What do you look at? " "What do you see?" When the two sides disagree, they fight each other.
This is a popular network segment, but it has become a real case in Songjiang District recently.
In the early morning of July this year, a drunken and well-fed sheet and two friends were waiting downstairs in their rented apartment. At this time, the same building household Lu Mou also drank heavily and returned home with his girlfriend. He met Xiaodan et al. at the entrance of the corridor.gay mssage
Xiaodan thought that Lu Mou looked at himself a few times and asked, "What do you think I am doing?" Lu Mou answered, "What do I think is wrong with you? What do you want? Xiaodan did not take care of Lumou, and continued to wait downstairs. Lu Mou backed aside to make a phone call.
Not long afterwards, three strong men came from the next building, all carrying "weapons" such as sticks, one of whom was still "onion" that Xiaodan knew. "Onion" recognized the small sheet, knocked at the small one-sided door with sticks, while others smashed the small sheet with boards, wooden stools and so on.male massage
Shortly afterwards, another friend of Lu's called, Lao Zhu, brought four or five people to the other side of the lane. Several people joined the battle and kicked Xiaodan again. Two friends who traveled with Xiaodan were also affected. One of the victims, named Tip, was restrained and beaten up. Three people from a small single party have no power to return.gay spa
After a few minutes of beating, more than a dozen people who had started were afraid of making a fuss, so they abandoned their harsh words and went away.gay club
Recently, three people, Lu Mou and others, who participated in the fight, have come to the case and confessed their crimes. The People's Procuratorate of Songjiang District approved the arrest of three people in Lumou and other places on suspicion of provoking trouble according to law, and pursued and tracked down other persons involved in the case on the basis of relevant evidence.gay sky massage