Pushing convenience again

The Ministry of Public Security of the New Beijing News Express held a press conference in Beijing today. Since then, six measures have been implemented to deepen the reform of public security management and to "release and control uniforms" for the convenience of the people and the benefit of the people. Including the service of "multi-shot optimization" of resident identity card photographs. If the people are not satisfied with the photographs taken, they can apply for re-photographing three times, from which satisfactory photographs can be selected.gay spa
Reporters learned from the meeting that since 2004, the whole country began to issue the second generation resident identity cards, more than 1.8 billion second generation identity cards have been produced and issued. The portrait information registered with resident identity cards is collected by public security organs free of charge for the masses in accordance with relevant technical standards, which not only alleviates the economic burden of the masses, but also ensures that resident identity cards act as a kind of citizen identity cards. Consistency of the quality of photos published in statutory identity documents.gay massage
The relevant person in charge of the public security administration department of the Ministry of Public Security introduced that with the development of economy and society and the enhancement of the people's awareness of their rights, the masses put forward higher requirements for the effect of their resident identity card photos. In response to this situation, some local public security organs provide photo "multi-shot optimization" service for the masses to handle resident identity cards, which is generally welcomed by the local people. At present, it has the conditions for promotion throughout the country.gay club After the implementation of this measure, if the people are not satisfied with the photographs taken, they can apply for re-photographing three times, from which satisfactory photographs can be selected. At the same time, for the people who have handled the resident identity card, when they apply for the resident identity card again within two years, they can use the original photo information to handle it, so as to further improve the satisfaction of the people to the photographs of the resident identity card.
Reporters learned from the press conference that there are six 18 measures to deepen the reform of "release and control uniforms" in public security management to facilitate the people and benefit the people, including: simplifying the business start-up procedures and shortening the start-up time for key industries and places of public security management; lightening the economic burden of enterprises; reducing and exempting business certification materials; and establishing internal safety follow-up for enterprises. Visiting system; Providing convenient services for people to handle resident identity cards and residence cards, opening the "green passage" of resident identity cards and residence cards, providing services such as "multi-photo optimization" of resident identity cards photos and reminders of renewal of resident identity cards; optimizing household administration services, improving collective household system, launching online declaration of temporary residence registration, and providing services. "Internet + household service" and so on.male massage
Reporters learned that this year, the Ministry of Public Security promulgated a series of convenience measures, such as the entry-exit customs queue of Chinese citizens not exceeding 30 minutes, and announced 20 traffic management reform measures, such as simple and quick operation, online operation, and near availability.
According to Li Jingsheng, Director-General of the Public Security Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, on the basis of in-depth investigation and extensive consultation, the Ministry of Public Security has decided to introduce six measures in the field of public security management, namely, large-scale reform, wide-ranging coverage, strong pertinence to problems and high convenience for the people, in order to further lighten the burden on enterprises. Reduce costs and provide convenience for the masses.gay sky massage