Winter Swimming Stilts and Deaths with Injuries to Seek Clues

A former deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wushan County, Chongqing, died while swimming in the middle of the Yangtze River in winter, workers'daily Chongqing Rong Media reported. His family found that he had wounds but the cause of death was unknown. At present, the local Changhang Public Security Bureau has intervened in the investigation. On Nov. 27, family members offered a reward of 50,000 yuan in the hope that insiders would provide clues to uncover the massage
Li Yunzhong, 64 years old, lived in Jingtan Road, Wushan County, Chongqing. Before his death, he served as Deputy Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wushan County and Deputy Director of the County Disabled Persons spa
Mr. Huang, Li Yunzhong's brother-in-law, sobbed and told reporters that Li Yunzhong is a member of the Winter Swimming Association of Wushan County. He usually has a good habit of swimming and exercising. He insists on swimming in the Yangtze River all the year round regardless of wind, rain or even snow. He usually swims 300 meters before returning. The total distance is about 600 meters, but he does not swim long. Go across the river.
He recalled that at about 6:30 a.m. on November 8 this year, Li Yunzhong got up early as usual, then walked about two kilometers with his swimming tools to the waters near No. 5 barge boat on the Ninth Wharf of the Yangtze River in Wushan County. On the way, he met several winter swimmers who had returned from swimming. They stopped to chat for a while.male massage
"At about 7:20 in the morning, he went swimming with a professional orange swimming landmark float (commonly known as the heel bug). Mr. Huang said that around 10 a.m. that day, Li Yunzhong's wife suddenly received a phone call from a stranger using her husband's mobile phone, saying that he had an accident.
The former deputy director of Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau, Dongyong, suspended 50,000 police officers looking for clues on the spot to find out the wounded family members.
Originally, at about 8:30 a.m., a Yangtze River drifting boat was traveling upstream from downstream. When it passed the waters about 200 meters away from the shore, the crew on the boat saw a man with a "heel bug" tied to his head and lying motionless on the water. Immediately afterwards, they reported to the local maritime authorities. Later, when the man was salvaged and landed, they found that he had no breath. At the same time, they found a pile of clothes on the shore, an unlocked mobile phone in his pocket, and some of them did not answer the phone. When they called back, they contacted Li Yunzhong's wife and immediately alerted the local water police station.
Li Yunzhong's daughter told reporters that his father had served as deputy director of Wushan County Civil Affairs Bureau and deputy director of the County Disabled Persons'Federation before his death. He was always in good health. After swimming in the Yangtze River every morning, he usually returned home at about 9 a.m. This kind of life rule has been adhered to for more than 20 club
She said that on the day of the incident, her mother found that he had not returned home, so she dialed seven or eight phone calls, but her father had not answered them. Just when her mother was anxious, she suddenly received the news of her father's unfortunate death.
Former deputy director of Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau, Winter Yong, suspended 50,000 family members with wounds on their bodies to find sauna
She said relatives came to the scene one after another. They found blood and water in the river, scratches on his father, cuts on his head and comminuted fracture of the nasal bridge. No water was found in his abdomen during autopsy that afternoon.
Mr. Cai, Li Yunzhong's wife and brother-in-law, recalled that Li Yunzhong's death was very strange. They suspected that it was caused by the collision of a ship. After checking and monitoring, they found that there were only 10 ships passing by at that time, but they could not see the specific collision process.
Li Yunzhong's daughter told reporters that in order to assist the Changhang Public Security Investigation, they offered a reward of 50,000 yuan, hoping that the insider would provide sky massage