Father Running Marathon with Cerebral Palsy Son: Look at Different World

Through the immortal dwelling, indulge in mountains and rivers. Recently, the 2018 Shenju Green Road Marathon opened fire in Xianju County, Zhejiang Province. More than 6,000 people were running between the beautiful mountains and rivers of the immortal residence. The participants were greatly addicted to the beautiful new urban area, the gentle Yongan River, the beautiful countryside, the beautiful countryside and the magnificent immortal residence.gay massage
At the marathon, a pair of father and son gathered many people's eyes. His father, Luo Shujian, was a courier in Jinhua rural area of Zhejiang Province. His 10-year-old son with cerebral palsy was lying on the wheelchair in front of him. This is the 36th marathon for both father and son.male massage
"Ten years ago, my son was born with severe asphyxia leading to severe brain damage and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy." Luo Shujian said, "Every time I see other children jumping around and playing with their families, my heart is very painful."
Until an occasional opportunity, Luo Shujian saw the story of Dick Hoyt, known as "the greatest father of the United States", running a marathon with his cerebral palsy son, which greatly inspired Luo Shujian.
"My son likes to be busy and watch people run. In his old home, whenever someone runs past, he will waddle behind and clap his hands and laugh. Luo Shujian said that all he could do was to make his son feel happy.
So, from July 2015, Luo Shujian insisted on running at 4 a.m. every day. Starting from the Hangzhou Marathon, the father and son have run through Beijing, Shanghai, Jinhua, Wuxi, Lishui, Lanzhou, Guangzhou... Over the past three years, father and son have been rushing to the end together.gay spa
To others, running a marathon with a son with cerebral palsy seems to be an incredible thing.
Running a marathon is very hard for ordinary people, besides pushing a trolley. Almost every kilometer, Luo Shujian stopped, squatted beside the cart, wiped off the saliva of his son's mouth and said a few words of encouragement.
Luo Shujian thought, "It's very difficult to see the outside world in a situation like my son's. I want to take my son to see different world through the marathon, so that his son will have less regret."gay club
With his cerebral palsy son running on the marathon road, Luo Shujian also wants to pass on a spirit to the same family as him, let them go out of the family, into the society, to feel the friendliness and affection of the society.
At the end of the half marathon, everyone could not help applauding the father and son.
"The so-called happiness is a fool's father who meets a fool's son." This is the signature of Luo Shujian's circle of friends. Although running marathons after marathons, where is the end of life's marathon?
"Despite my low income, everything is worth it for my son." Luo Shu said firmly, "I hope I can bring him happiness. I want to keep pushing him until I can't run.gay sky massage