Pull away from poverty and go to a well-off society

Out of Nanning, into the river pool, into Baise, to explore Zuo, the car industry Zhuang Xiang, a mountain release a mountain block. Heavy stones piled up traffic inconvenience and poor life. However, walking in Bagui and going deep into Dashishan, you will be amazed: with a pair of diligent and skillful hands, the children of Zhuangxiang decipher the "password" to solve poverty.gay massage
"One Mu mulberry silkworm, one floor building; ten Mu mulberry silkworm, with cars and houses"... Thousands of miles down the mountain, we can see the "flower of poverty alleviation" of Bagui: sugar cane all over the mountains, mango forest all over the world, mulberry gardens all over the world, black chickens in groups. Since the establishment of Guangxi Autonomous Region 60 years ago, the pace of poverty alleviation and fortification has never stopped. Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Guangxi has waged a battle to fight against poverty accurately under the cordial care of the Party Central Committee. From 2013 to 2017, 5.14 million people have been reduced in poverty, and the incidence of rural poverty has dropped from 18% to 5.7%. Such figures are delightful, and the efforts behind them are admirable.male massage
What is a cowshed? It's a two-storey hut built of several pieces of wood and boards, with cattle under and sleepers on top. The people of Tunli originally lived near the village, but were separated from the paddy fields by several hills. "Wangshan runs a dead horse, and next time comes back and forth more than a dozen miles." In order to grab and grab seeds, the villagers put up a shed near the field and spent the night with the cattle. Over time, more and more cowshed, villagers simply moved home, it became a "cowshed area".
The road is impassable, and the timber in the mountains can not be sold, because the light freight is six times the price of timber, and can only "be poor with a golden bowl".
"If you want to be rich, build your way first. To get rid of poverty, we must be willing to devote ourselves to early repairs and early prosperity! uuuuuuuuu Wei Yongshan, Secretary of Nandan County Party Committee, is resolute. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, Nandan has spent more than 400 million yuan to build five 94.4 kilometres of Tongcun Road and 335 747 kilometres of Tongtun Road in accordance with the principle of "government-led, mass-oriented and all-people co-construction". This year, another 148 million yuan has been raised to upgrade and harden the roads of more than 20 villages and villages.gay spa
Lu Tong Tong Tong Tong. The same mountain, the same wood, has a different price: timber sales rose to 600 yuan per cubic meter. Talking about the development of Huali village, Li Xinfu, the first Secretary of the village, has a higher spirit: raising 750 thousand yuan in the village * developing Yao Shan black pig, cattle, chicken and high quality rice and other special industries; investing 5 million yuan in the county to build the original ecological protection zone in the ancient village of Bai Ku Yao and developing the tourism industry.
In accordance with the principle of "what is missing and what is to be made up", Guangxi will make overall use of funds, strengthen the infrastructure construction of tun-level roads, drinking water projects, renovation of dangerous houses and upgrading of power grids in more than 20 natural villages (tun) in poor villages, and make up for the shortcomings of poverty alleviation. More and more villages, like Gozatun, are starting to get rid of poverty.
"Passepartout is the only way out of poverty." Chen Hongqi, director of the Transport Department of the Autonomous Region, introduced that about 10,000 kilometers of new rural road reconstruction and security projects (including continuation) are being implemented in Guangxi this year. At present, the total mileage of rural roads in the whole region has reached 98.3 million kilometers.gay club
Donglan County is a poverty-stricken county at the national level, with a harsh environment. However, Donglan has a "treasure" - Black chicken. In Weili Yanzui, director of the County Bureau of aquaculture and animal husbandry, Donglan Black Chicken could not say more: "Black Chicken drinks mountain spring water and eats forest grass, unlike other black and meat black black black black black black black black black black black chickens, Donglan Black Chicken has black bones and prominent nutritional value, and has obtained the certification of"Agricultural Products Geographical Indicators"of the Ministry of Agriculture..."
The value of Donglan Black Chicken lies more in its "poverty-free chicken". Huang Xianchang, Secretary of the county Party committee, said that black chicken is the "number one industry" in the characteristic industry of Donglan. Longevity Valley Company was introduced into the county to build collective chicken houses in villages, and special financial funds were used to purchase chicken nurseries and feed for poor households. "Poor households are in charge of raising chicken seedlings and feed, while others are handed over to the company for market operation, and only 15 yuan is needed for raising chicken nurseries."
"The base invested 300 million yuan, and now rears 900,000 feathers a month. After completion, 40 million feathers are reared annually, so it is no problem to provide seedlings." Panyi, general manager of Donglan Branch of Guangxi Wanshougu Group Investment Company, said in Sanshizhen Donglan Wuji Brooding Base. Dangmin, a poor household in Latitun, Nabiao Village, Changle Town, published 4683 chickens in the first half of this year, reaching more than 9,400 in the whole year, and is expected to earn more than 70,000 yuan.gay sauna

"The early stage is input, the later stage is income." Huajie said that Debao's climate and geographical environment are suitable for citrus planting. The county provides 10,000 seedlings free of charge. This year, there are subsidies for hanging fruit, but the premise is to lead poor households to work. Huajie started her own business with 10 poor households, with an estimated income of 800,000 yuan this year, and 24,000 yuan for each poor household working alone. At present, the citrus planting area in Debao County is 127,000 mu, covering 2,082 poor households.
Since last year, Guangxi has made every effort to guide 106 counties with poverty alleviation tasks and 5000 poor villages to select "5 + 2" characteristic industries per county, and "3 + 1" characteristic industries per village according to their respective resource endowments, so as to speed up industrial cultivation and development.
"To do so, we must ensure that the industrial poverty alleviation is accurate and enhance the `hematopoietic function'in poor areas." Jiang Jiabo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Autonomous Region Government and Director of the Poverty Alleviation Office, said.
"Old Wine Tan", the name of Tan Luobin. In the past, Lao Tan used to drink too much all day. The lazier he drank, the lazier he drank, so he got the nickname. Helping cadres to come to their homes to discuss the development of poverty alleviation industries, sending rice and cooking oil, he was drunk and anxious to find someone to drink.
"The thought of"waiting, depending and wanting"of poor households has blocked the step of getting rid of poverty and getting rich." Mo Lian, Secretary of Heshan Municipal Party Committee, said that since 2016, the city has launched a campaign of "helping the aspirations of the people out of poverty and striving for the pioneers", and implemented "spiritual poverty alleviation" from five aspects of "thought, ambition, confidence, mind and intelligence".gay sky massage