Men are towed outside the door of the trailer

Someone called the police and said he saw a man hanging out of his car in the street and thought he was making a movie. Ma Jun, the police chief on duty at Huaihai Zhonglu Police Station, has been a policeman for 25 years. He and his partner Chen Long met this kind of thing for the first time. He was full of doubts and anxious. "Someone hangs outside the car, and it's very accident prone when driving."gay massage
After the police arrived at the scene, the man outside the car said that he had a little conflict with the driver who caused the accident. "My car was parked by the side, and he passed me, and then he pointed at me and scolded me."
When the driver got out of the car, an experienced policeman could not help wondering if he was drunk driving. Faced with police inquiries, the driver said he did not drink. "He didn't Park well. I drove over and asked him why you parked like that. Then he started scolding me.male massage
At the scene, we have a preliminary understanding of the cause of the incident, see no casualties, the police on duty also slightly lower the heart. In order to restore normal traffic as soon as possible, the police decided to take the two men back to the police station for further investigation.
After bringing both parties involved back to the police station, the police immediately looked back and monitored them to understand the original cause of the incident. Monitoring shows that the man just ran to the vehicle causing the accident, the other side actually stepped on the accelerator and hurried away, completely ignoring the people hanging outside the spa
After the incident, Huaihai Zhonglu Police Station also called the traffic police to carry equipment for alcohol detection. Testing equipment excludes the possibility of drunk driving on both sides. Two sober middle-aged men, because of a moment of fighting, almost led to a major traffic accident.
Although the incident did not result in casualties, it was extremely dangerous. The public security organs have dealt with both sides seriously according to sky massage