Destroy police flowers attacking terrorists at Chinese consulates

Yesterday, three suicide attackers launched a terrorist attack on the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi, shaking the world. Not only China and Pakistan, but also the US State Department strongly condemned the terrorist attacks.
The governor of Chang'an Street noted that at a critical moment, Suhai Aziz Talpol, a Pakistani female police officer, stepped forward to fight armed elements on the front line and led the police to thwart the attack on the Chinese consulate. She has not only become a worthy hero in the eyes of the Pakistani people, but also a hero in the eyes of the Chinese massage
Time goes back to the morning of the 23rd. At that time, three terrorists, armed with guns and grenades, tried to enter the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi, located on the fourth block of Clifton. One of them was also wearing a bomb vest in an attempt to set off an explosive bomb to make a suicide attack after entering the museum area.
They were stopped by Pakistani security guards at checkpoints as they tried to break into the Consulate General's compound. When they were unable to enter the consulate-general, the attackers fired at the security guards responsible for the consulate and blew up the consulate gate with grenades.male massage
After the explosion, Pakistani police and security forces rushed to the scene of the attack. A brief exchange of fire ensued between the two sides. In the exchange of fire, two terrorists were killed by the Pakistani police and security forces, while another terrorist detonated a bomb vest pierced on his spa
The exchange of fire and suicide bombing caused two Pakistani policemen not to sacrifice, but all the staff and family members of the Chinese Consulate General in Karachi were safe and sound.
There are only a few words to recall afterwards, but those who have not experienced terrorist attacks are probably hard to imagine the thrilling situation at that time. And it's Talpol who defuses this danger!
According to several local Pakistani media reports, Talpol was the first person to respond to the shootings and explosions. At the time of the attack, she quickly organized joint guerrilla and police operations, and stood at the forefront of fighting with terrorists, and eventually took control of the situation.
Reported that after the attack, the head of the Sindh provincial police station in Karachi City clapped Tarpur on the shoulder, appreciating her courage to fight the militants. The Pakistani people also posted Talpol's story on social media and made posters to pay tribute to her club
Tarpur is a senior female police officer in Sindh Province. Her resume is excellent. She was the first woman in Sindh Province to pass the exam and become a senior police officer.
However, Tarpur's road from the police was not smooth at first, and she even suffered from relatives'"white eyes" for being a police officer.
In an interview with a Pakistani media, she revealed, "When my parents decided to send me to police school, most of my relatives began to laugh at me. We had to leave the village and move to a nearby town.
But she finally got it. "I think that's the power of education. As a woman, I'm proud to have it." Tarpur once said so about himself. In 2017, the UN Women's Agency in Pakistan also shared her words on Facebook.
After the attack, the Chief Minister of Sindh, Murad Ali Sha, stood up to praise her bravery and said, "You are the woman who leads everyone."
It's like protecting yourself.
Hours after the terrorist attack, an armed group called the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) claimed the attack. The organization is a very representative terrorist organization in Pakistan. It has planned attacks on Chinese aid engineers many times before, which is a huge threat to China's overseas interests.
The governor of Chang'an Street noted that due to the strategic importance of the Baluchistan region, with the continuous advancement of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", some opposition forces in the region have more urgent motives to obstruct and destroy sauna
In the terrorist attacks, two Pakistani security guards died bravely, and the "all-weather friendship" between China and Pakistan was sublimated again in hardship.
Yesterday afternoon, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi urgently spoke to Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi by telephone.
Qureshi said that the Pakistani government and all sectors of society severely condemn terrorist violent attacks, and the Pakistani government and people stand firmly with Chinese friends. In particular, he said that Pakistan-China friendship is unique and precious, and Pakistan will protect the safety of its Chinese friends just as it protects its bar
Wang Yi said that the incident reflects the unbreakable friendship and mutual trust between the two countries. The Pakistani police took prompt and decisive action to protect the safety of the consulate-general. China thanks for this and expresses its deep condolences for the death of the Pakistani security guards.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan subsequently strongly condemned the attack. A statement issued by the Prime Minister's Palace of Pakistan said that the incident was part of a conspiracy aimed at economic and strategic cooperation between Pakistan and China. "However, such incidents will never undermine Pakistan-China relations higher than the Himalayas and deeper than the Arabian Sea."
After 23 days, a heroine was added to the hearts of the Pakistani and Chinese people. At the same time, the rapid and decisive handling of the crisis, timely and close interaction, and the brotherhood of common progress and retreat have also added a new annotation for China-Pakistan sky massage