Female airport security inspectors were suspended for harassment

On November 19, a netizen posted that a female security inspector at Xinqiao Airport in Hefei, Anhui Province, used her position to sexually harass male singer letters during security checks and show off on Weibo. On the 22nd, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learnt from Hefei Xinqiao International Airport that the staff involved were male artist fans. After obtaining the working video of the scene, it was verified that the security officer involved had not acted of sexual harassment. At present, the security officer involved has been suspended.gay massage
On November 19, the male artist returned to Taipei by air from Hefei in the morning. That afternoon, the female security guard involved commented on the male artist's micro-blog: "You are really tall, just touched you from top to bottom, you wear too little." Later, fans questioned the security guard's convenience in taking up his duties and complained to the airport about sexual harassment of male artists. In response, the airport responded to the media that the incident was still being dealt with, but there were doubts about what the complaint said.gay spa
On the 20th, the security officer concerned issued an apology letter on his personal micro-blog. "Hello, everyone. I'm an ordinary security inspector. Because of the inappropriate content of my micro-blog in the  it has caused physical and mental injury to the letter, and also damaged the reputation and image of the unit. This matter has made the unit and colleagues disgraced, and also made outsiders doubt our profession. Work is work, can not think of other things, can not do anything irrelevant to the post. I am deeply saddened and regretful about my actions. I should abide by professional ethics, not violate professional ethics, not publish, not comment on disharmonious micro-blog content. I am willing to assume all responsibilities, accept the supervision of the unit and the public, deeply review and strictly request myself, improve my self-cultivation, and also plead with you. Can get the forgiveness of the letter, and apologize again, I'm sorry! "male massage
On the 22nd, the propaganda staff of Hefei Xinqiao International Airport told the Beijing Youth Daily, "Our company is ready to make a sound. We have live working video. After inspection, the security guard did not say"sexual harassment". Because the working video can be seen clearly, her work is very standard. The information transmitted online is not consistent with the facts. She did not make harassment at the scene. It's just that she's a male artist fan, and there's a flaunting element after work.gay club
At present, the airport has suspended the security personnel involved.