A University in Shanghai prohibits takeout into its campus:

Last night, the Shanghai Polytechnic University officially issued the Statement on Banning Takeaway from Campus. In the school statement, the main reasons for banning takeout are: many teachers and students report that the takeout trolley entering the campus is fast, gay spa and the messengers often bicycle while making phone calls. Many accidents have happened in the school. Social workers enter and leave campus or even dormitory buildings at will, which brings hidden dangers to campus security and disturbs the quiet and orderly teaching and student life order on campus. In addition, takeaway bags and boxes are thrown everywhere, which has become a white pollution on campus, seriously affecting the environmental health of the campus. Most worrying is that some students "house" in the dormitory, food dependent on "take-out" door, a serious lack of outdoor exercise, not conducive to physical and mental health.gay massage
Reporters learned that at present, Shanghai's colleges and universities take-out into the campus measures are different, some permits, some prohibitions. Wang, a teacher at a university in Minhang District, Shanghai, told reporters that the school did not explicitly prohibit takeout into the campus. "Sometimes when you miss the canteen meals, some teachers will order takeaway, after all, it is convenient and fast." The teacher told reporters.
Xiao Zhang, a young teacher working in the city of Songjiang University, believes that banning takeout on campus is not a one-size-fits-all policy. "For the sake of safety in our school, take-out trucks are forbidden to enter the school. The takeout salesman can deliver the take-out to the school. I think this treatment is reasonable."gay club
"Schools are also out of safety considerations. Generally, non-school personnel are not allowed to enter schools at will. We also understand the school's practices." Xiao Cai, a student at a university in Pudong, said that from the time he entered school to his senior year this year, the school has been banning takeout vehicles and personnel from entering the campus. If you order takeout, you need to go to the school gate to pick it up by yourself.
In fact, the reporter noticed that Shanghai Polytechnic University is not the first university in China to ban takeout. Previously, a university in Fujian implemented a policy of prohibiting takeout, which led to a large number of students queuing for dinner in the canteen. More businesses around the school distribute free lunches at the entrance of the canteen to show their dissatisfaction.male massage
In recent years, Jinan University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Harbin Engineering University and other universities have been banned from taking-out into the campus, which has caused controversy. Although most students oppose the school's move because it is "inconvenient to eat", others say they can understand the school's approach.
"More and more food safety incidents and hygiene incidents in takeaway shops are happening now." gay sauna Netizens "Zhang Z Zhang Z" said, "Some delivery personnel ride electric bicycles ramming, disrupting the school security order." This view has been recognized by many people, some netizens said: "If you eat takeaway students eat problems, you say is the school pot or student pot or takeaway pot, I believe that the school should recite two-fifths, do not let takeaway into the school and starve you to death. Many takeaway riders are in a hurry like flying an airplane. They are usually prone to accidents. It is understandable for the safety of teachers and students.
Netizens "Pear Blossom and Dabai" said, "Because a few years ago in the school, there were several cases of outside social figures who stole and successfully took away valuable goods, so to enter our school is very strict, everyone needs to show their certificates. I haven't seen outsiders succeed in bringing takeout since I went to college. Uncle Mengang is very loyal. The netizen said, "Sometimes we order something that doesn't go to the dormitory. We have to go to the North Gate or the East and West Gate to take out our own beauty troupe and so on. I think it's safe, and it's a good exercise for us.gay sex massage
It was also pointed out that the school ban on takeout may also be because some students are now joining the takeout team to make money part-time. "Some students do not participate in activities organized by the school in order to deliver takeout, and even skip classes." More students pointed out that the main reason for ordering takeout was that the canteen was "not delicious". "Why don't the canteen make the meal a little better?" However, there is also a point of view that "a good meal must be expensive, the university canteen is actually very conscientious."boy massage