Event skeptics: moral kidnapping of public opinion

"I think my original intention is pure, that is, the action of throwing the national flag is wrong in itself. But the development of the latter things beyond my control, many people use the topic to play, saying that I go to moral kidnapping others, I think I am also the one who was kidnapped by public opinion and morality.gay massage
In November 18th, the Suzhou (Taihu) marathon race. When Chinese athlete He Yinli sprinted for the championship, two volunteers entered the runway and handed him the national flag one after another. Soon after He Yinli took the national flag, the flag fell to the ground. In the end, He Yinli was runner up.
After CCTV5 broadcast, marathon enthusiast Wei Jing of Sichuan tweeted, "He Yinli first kneaded the flag into a ball, then abandoned it to the ground and left behind." He questioned "achievement is more important than the flag?"
Subsequently, many netizens put forward similar questions under He Yinli's micro-blog. He Yinli responded on her microblog, "I didn't throw it, the flag was all wet, my arm was stiff, and I threw it out when I swing it. I'm sorry, I forgot (hope) to understand!"male massage
After He Yinli responded, netizens turned to accuse Wei Jing, saying that she kidnapped He Yinli in the name of patriotism. Some netizens also pointed out that He Yinli was once an athlete of Comet Company, which Wei Jing had cooperated with. But He Yinli signed a contract with Special Step this year. He and Wei had an interest relationship.
In this regard, Wei Jing said that Concord is a sports nutrition company, she had worked with Concord, but at present there is no relationship, He Yanli has not signed with Concord. She and He Yingli have no bitterness, and the original intention of Weibo is to guide netizens to discuss the issue of "whether the achievements or the national flag are important or not".gay spa
Beijing News reporter contacted He Yinli, she did not respond to this matter. But in an interview with the Yangtze Evening News, she said, "there is no intention not to rush the flag across the finish line. This is just the last 300 meters in the most critical competition with African athletes, it is not convenient to receive the flag.
As to whether the handing of the national flag affects the result of the competition, He Yinli thinks, "At that time, the distance of the last 300 meters is more than that. Any slight interference will certainly have an impact on the final ranking."gay club
On November 19, the staff of the sports development company around Taihu Lake in Suzhou told the Beijing News that the marathon was a series of "Running China" marathons. It was an established design of the series to let Chinese athletes cross the line wearing the national flag. "This was the case in more than 20 previous events. It was due to weather reasons that there was an accident. " The staff member also pointed out that "from the referee's point of view, the volunteer handing the national flag did not affect the players'performance."
"The real starting point is to guide everyone to discuss."gay sauna
Beijing News: on the Internet has been so many accusations and abuse, do you regret to send that micro-blog?
Wei Jing: No. Personally, I just want to lead you to discuss this phenomenon. In the end, we all paid attention to this event. Although it caused a lot of controversy, I think it will also promote the marathon race.
But what I can't do is I didn't start to say this on Weibo: those two flag carriers shouldn't go to the track to interfere with the athletes, so that people think I'm targeting him personally. So far, I'm not sure whether the flag is handed over by staff or volunteers, or by others. I was also told that I arranged for someone to deliver it. If it is a staff member, then the setting of the Taihu Marathon, its links and processes must be somewhat problematic and inappropriate. If you are a volunteer, you should not even run to the track. Because the black runners are running too, it's dangerous for you to rush up and throw someone down or something.
If you think it's because I caused so much controversy and touched a lot of people's emotions, I think I should apologize. I can delete that microblog.gay bar
I often expose the chaos of marathon on microblog, which will offend many people and be scolded. I must be prepared. But I did not expect things to develop to this point, many people's accusations are baseless, the Internet is full of many rumors, some netizens'comments are also very bad, and even to harass many people related to me. If I am wrong and the flag is falling, I am sure to apologize.
Beijing News: How did you pay attention to He Yinli's running marathon?
Wei Jing: I didn't watch her match. There was a person in our group watching it. He said, "He Yinli lost the national flag." I went to see the video and found that she missed it for the first time and lost it for the second time.
At that time, everyone was discussing that the national flag could not be thrown when it was taken. The national flag was the symbol of the country. If it was not taken, it would be better not to throw it away. I didn't think she was doing this right and excited, so she sent the video to micro-blog.
Beijing News: what is the purpose of sending that micro-blog?
Wei Jing: I just described facts and did not make subjective comments. Looking at my wording, I say which is more important, the result or the national flag, is actually guiding. I will guide you to discuss this issue. You see, I am calling the question mark, not the exclamation mark.boy massage