Grab bus steering wheel to be stopped by passengers

After 2 p.m. on the 18th, a middle-aged woman on the No. 3 bus in Mianyang City asked to get off after the bus left the station and grabbed the steering wheel while talking to the driver. A man standing near the front door hurried forward and hugged the woman and opened massage
The woman hugged the steering wheel for the bus stop and was hugged by the passengers.
At 2:09 p.m. on the day of the accident, the No. 3 bus stopped at the Chinese Hospital. The driver, Xie Jian, opened the door and waited for passengers to get off. Then, the bus started to run normally. Just then, a middle-aged woman suddenly came to the driving position and was in a state of agitation. "She was very excited, and the voice was loud. I just heard that parking was allowed." Xie Jian recalled that before he could explain that he could not stop, the woman came forward and grabbed the steering wheel.male massage
From a surveillance video on the car, the woman found Xie Jian, who was driving, and tried to explain something. A few seconds later, she suddenly began to grab the steering wheel. Just then, a male passenger near the driver's seat came forward in time, hugged the woman and pulled her spa
The woman hugged the steering wheel for the bus stop and was hugged by the passengers.
"The two people should know that the man who is a colleague just came up and said he wanted to get off." Xie Jian said that he also explained to male passengers that it took only five minutes to walk without stopping at the exit and not far from the next stop. The other side also expressed understanding and was willing to wait until the next stop to get off, "but the women in the same line did not comply and asked the driver to stop immediately."
After the incident, Xie Jianjie slowed down and stopped. At this time, he happened to pass a police booth by the street. A policeman got on the bus and took the woman club