Cruel physical education gives children the strength to survive

In BUDDY, summer camp is synonymous with long distance hiking. On July 22, this year, BUDDY children's summer camp was spent like this: 4-5 year-old middle-class children, was dragged to Mount Fuji "Mountain Lake", the whole journey on foot, around the lake. The total length was 14 kilometers, and the children walked arm in arm for 4 to 5 hours. The older, 6-7-year-old children take the bus to the "Wuhemu" at an altitude of 2,000 meters, then get off and climb up to the "Qihemu" at an altitude of 2,700 meters. The height difference of 700 meters is the most difficult mountain road in Mt Fuji. Even children in small classes will be dragged to Qunma County for hiking in autumn. Parents are not allowed to massage
During the hot summer, heat stroke and heat stroke raged across the Japanese islands, and even triggered a wide-ranging discussion on whether the marathon of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 needed to adjust the competition time in order to avoid heatstroke among athletes. However, none of the children in BUDDY kindergarten had heatstroke during the intense hiking in midsummer, and all of them had successfully completed the summer camp task.male massage
Suzuki has answered our confusion: hiking in mid-mountain Lake in summer is because the local altitude is 900 meters, the temperature is 6 degrees lower than Tokyo, only 30 degrees, relatively cool. The reason for choosing Fuji Mountain from Wuhemu to Qihemu is that although it may face sudden changes in weather and other factors, there are shelters along this mountain road, which is relatively spa
In the daily physical education, kindergartens also do enough for safety and security. The campus is equipped with professional AED (ventricular defibrillator) according to government regulations. In order to avoid this summer's rampant "heat stroke" and "heat stroke", warm tips of "water replenishment" can be seen everywhere in the corridors of kindergartens and in front of gymnasiums. Every day when the children came to the garden, there was a huge thermal kettle with their own name on their chest. After PE class, the author personally saw that children would voluntarily unscrew the lid to drink water, and the school radio and the teachers who led the team would promptly remind club
"Replenish water is only one aspect. On the other hand, because children exercise well every day, so when the weather is hot, as long as moderately reduce the amount of exercise, there will be no fever stroke. Suzuki is confident.
BUDDY has professional swimming lessons. For safety reasons, in addition to two teachers in the swimming pool, one pool head and one pool tail, face-to-face monitoring, an additional teacher outside the pool is set up to monitor from high places at any time in order to prevent drowning. Kindergartens also advise parents to remind their children that such actions as three-point stand-ups, which require professional venues and formal guidance, are prohibited at home. In order to prevent individual children from being too confident, it is forbidden to jump from high to high in the sauna
"What can be done and what can not be done?" Otherwise, it will be reckless. Suzuki said. Because safety awareness measures are in place, BUDDY has never met parents'objection for many years because of physical education or outdoor activities.
On the day of my visit, the main entrance of the kindergarten posted "Congratulations on Kaji Tadao's entry into the Japanese National Team" and "Congratulations on Yoshimi Kawauchi's winning the Boston Marathon Championship". The Russian World Cup Japanese national team member Katsuki Tadao and the famous Japanese civil service marathon runner Yoshihiro Kawabata are all BUDDY graduates.
Suzuki looked through the yellowing old photo album and recognized Kodao's figure at a glance: skiers, football players, runners, and Christmas performers. It is worthy of being known today for its high face value, high education and golf skills. In the old photographs, "Xiao Jia Mao" has beautiful features and is full of ingenuity. Wuteng, who was born in 1992, was 3 years old until he was 6 years sex massage
"Athletics, football, skiing, he plays everything." Suzuki said that in skiing, you need to bend your knees sometimes to control speed and stretch your knees to speed up. "His greatest feature is that he uses his knees very flexibly. This feeling is now used in his football dribbling. Football is not just fast. It needs to be fast and slow, and sometimes it needs to be fooled by false action. And such a speed and direction switch is brought to him by skiing.
Surprisingly, Kodao also represented Tokyo in the national track and field 400 meters race in the sixth grade of primary school, showing super explosive force. "In retrospect, skiing and athletics helped him grow in football. So in the early childhood, it's not enough to play only one sport! "gay bar
Three months ago, after returning to Japan from the World Cup in Russia, Tadao came to BUDDY to visit his mentor. Since then, he has joined the dream Premier League because his wife is pregnant with a second child and needs to return from England to Japan to prepare for pregnancy. His eldest daughter is now in the small class of BUDDY. At the annual sports meeting a week later, I met Wuteng's father by surprise.
Suzuki's first impression of Sichuan is "crying." "Little man, running is always the last one. When I go skiing, I get tired of it all the time, and I mumble that I hate the head of the garden. He mumbled and cried.
However, the small man who always ran at the end of the team when he was a child has represented Japan for many times in the world marathon. In 2018, he won the Boston Marathon. This is also the Japanese who won the championship of the event after Seto Guriyan in 31 years and performed a magnificent "retrograde drama". "At the very beginning.boy massage