The chairman of the village committee was tried for five crimes

On November 19, the People's Court of Shouxian County, Huainan City, heard publicly the case of He Wenjian, former Secretary of the Party Branch and director of the Village Committee of Shouchun Town Garden Village, Shouxian County, suspected of embezzlement, embezzlement, embezzlement and massage
The prosecution accused the defendant, He Wenjian, during his tenure as secretary of the Party branch and director of the village committee of Shouchun Town Garden Village, Shouxian County, of misappropriating 2.42 million yuan of public funds for personal and other people's business activities by taking advantage of his position in the process of assisting the government in issuing land expropriation compensation. Among them, on June 13, 2011, Yuanmou, the accountant and clerk of Garden Village, gay bar received a cash check of 6.3 million yuan from the office of land requisition and demolition in Shouchun New Town for the payment of compensation for land requisition by Garden Village Garden Group. In the process of issuing the land expropriation compensation of 6.3 million yuan, He Wenjian deposited a total of 900,000 yuan of land expropriation compensation into Tao's bank account on June 15, 2011 and July 29, 2011 to help Tao Mou, then director of Shouzhou Credit Cooperative, Shouxian Rural Credit Cooperative, improve his performance and complete the task of depositing. The compensation amount is 200 thousand yuan, which is used for the operation of the electrical sales company operated by its individual. Afterwards, He Wenjian returned the money in succession to land requisition compensation.male massage
On December 23, 2009, He Wenjian borrowed 2 million yuan from the land acquisition Office of Shouchun New Town to verify the capital of his own electric appliance sales company by signing and approving a loan note from Hongmou, then the mayor of Shouchun Town, Shouxian County. After verification, the 2 million yuan will be returned. In addition, He Wenjian misappropriated more than 240,000 yuan of compensation funds for the demolition of the old village of Huayuan Village for the operation of the electrical appliance sales company.
The indictment shows that around 2007, the Garden Village Garden Group was expropriated by the county government, including Ho Wenjian and his brother's two households. Owing to the dissatisfaction of the villagers in the Garden Group on the compensation scheme for land compensation, the land compensation has not been released smoothly. Until 2012, the Garden Group will distribute the compensation according to the standard of 50,000 yuan per capita, and deduct the compensation that has been issued before. He Wenjian deducted less than 130,000 yuan of land compensation he had already received when he finally paid the land compensation, and took it for spa
In 2010, Huayuan Village implemented the project of "one case, one discussion" in 2009, cement road and sewer engineering of the border post resettlement community. In the process of construction, He Wenjian arranged Wumou to build only cement road project in the residential area, but did not actually construct sewer project, but still included in the amount of construction. In March 2011, 106,000 yuan of the project's financial reward and subsidy fund was allocated to Shouchun Town Finance Branch's "one case, one discussion" financial special account, and then allocated with project funds and quality insurance funds, which were collected by Wu Mou. According to Ho Wen Jian's arrangement, Wu gave 70 thousand yuan to He club
According to the indictment, Ho Wenjian built his house in the parking lot of Pearl Avenue in Shouchun Town in 2007 while contracting to operate it. The parking lot was demolished in 2012. The houses built by He Wenjian were illegal and did not meet the compensation requirements. However, after consent and arrangement by Zhang Mou, then Secretary of the Party Committee of Shouchun Town in Shouxian County, He Wenjian illegally obtained compensation of more than 520,000 yuan for 20 houses owned by the government of Shouchun Town. At the same time, Zhang agreed to save He Wenjian from parking space for 240 thousand years in 5 years. At the end of 2012, He Wenjian sent him a total of 70 thousand yuan in cash in order to thank Zhang for his sauna
In the opinion of the procuratorial organ, He Wenjian took advantage of his position to embezzle 442,000 yuan of public funds such as land expropriation compensation and 240,000 yuan of collective funds for his personal and other people's profit-making activities; to fabricate facts and conceal the truth, to embezzle more than 130,000 yuan of land expropriation compensation and 70,000 yuan of collective funds, and at the same time to seek unfair profits. Benefits, bribery of 70,000 yuan to staff members of state organs, the amount of which is relatively large, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility with the crime of embezzlement of public funds, embezzlement of funds, embezzlement of duties and bribery. Due to the complexity of the case, the case will be adjudged