Internet review "marathon passes the national flag"

CCTV official Weibo news on November 19, November 18, the 2018 Suzhou Taihu Marathon shot in the drizzle. In the final moments of the exciting and intense women's group competition, there was a scene of disharmony: He Yinli, a Chinese athlete, handed over the national flag and disrupted her rhythm during the sprint, which led to her being pulled apart by the African players and regrettably won the runner-up. At noon on the 19th, the organizer of the event responded: This is a volunteer's personal behavior. In principle, no one else is allowed to enter the track, but one person should not be held massage
Things haven't ended here. After the race, a self-Media blogger in the running circle openly questioned Ho's behavior on the social network: "Achievement is more important than the national flag?" "Since there is no reason and excuse to throw away the flag," He Yinli herself had to respond: "Not thrown, the flag was all wet, my arm was stiff, and I threw it out when I swing it." So the players didn't bring the national flag line. Is there any problem?gay spa
First of all, it is rather unprofessional for volunteers to plug their national flag to He Yinli. It should be noted that the final stage of the sprint is crucial for any marathon runner, and no interference is tolerated. The act of volunteers handing over the national flag obviously affected the rhythm of He Yinli and directly led to the decline of her performance. If the volunteers want him to put on the national flag to show patriotism, they can pass the national flag after the contestants have finished the competition. However, volunteers have to take one step at a time to interfere with the normal conduct of the competition, which is more like a selfish act of brushing the sense of existence.male massage
Secondly, some media bloggers' accusations against He Yinli are not only untenable but also moral abduction. According to the blogger's idea, should all marathoners run the whole race with the national flag held high, otherwise their achievements should be abolished? As for "there is no reason or excuse to throw away the flag when it is received", it is totally genuine standing and talking without backache. Unlike table tennis and volleyball, marathon is not a sport with intermittent periods, but a sport that emphasizes one-stop effort. To the end, the competitors are likely to be at the physical limit at the end of the race, relying solely on perseverance and subconscious struggle. It should be noted that Chinese athletes win better results in competitions. As some netizens have said, some keyboarders in front of computers, even if they wrap themselves up with the national flag, have not made any contribution to the club
It is worth pondering that this media blogger is walking with He Yinli. Since running in the same running circle, it is no stranger to athletes' psychology and difficulties in competition. In this case, the blogger will also use the online way to blame He Yanli, it is difficult not to doubt his inner
The national flag is the spiritual symbol of the nation and the country. That being the case, it should not and should not become a tool to attack others. He and his friends are deeply attached to the motherland and love the land at their feet. So how should we express our patriotic feelings? You can be sure that it's not walking around with the flag high all day, it's a sense of identity from the heart. It is the most real act of patriotism to do well in one's own work and strive to contribute to the development and construction of the country. For athletes, striving for better results is sauna
The storm exposed the organizational immaturity of the organizers of the marathon, as well as some people's misunderstanding of patriotism. These questions are much more important than where a wet national flag should be bar