Men climb up rival cars to perform "speed of life and death"

In the early morning of June 23 this year, a white car drove northward along Panjing Road in Baoshan District, followed closely by a car behind it. When a red light came to the intersection, a man came down from the car and beat the door. Then the man climbed up the hood of the white car and was very spa When the green light was on, the driver of the white car stepped on the accelerator and dragged the man on the hood for more than 20 meters. The man on the hood released his hand and rolled off the car, causing a fracture. Recently, the Baoshan District procuratorate filed a public prosecution against a white car driver Yang, on the grounds of intentional injury.
So what caused the two men to "kill their lives"? It is also necessary to start with a woman named Wang. "Wang and I were friends and friends, and broke up for some reason. But there are still many problems between us. I have been looking for her, but she always avoids it. " Zhu Mou, the injured man, said that in the early morning of June 23 this year, he saw Wang Mou boarding a white car and leaving at the gate of a KTV in Baoshan District. Hence, Zhu took advantage of the wine, immediately called a black car, and followed up.male massage
When the white car came to the intersection and stopped at a red light, Zhu got off and stopped the white car, slapped on the door and asked Wang to come out and make things clear. Wang ignored, Zhu climbed to the hood and hit the windshield. At this time, the green light came on. Wang's boyfriend Yang Mou drove his car across the intersection and pulled over to the side. Zhu Mou still held on to the wiper. Yang Mou drove on, and the faster he drove, Zhu Mou dared not let go. After towing for a distance, the car stopped and Zhu grasped the reflector on the right side of the vehicle. When Yang Mou retracted the mirror, Zhu fell down on the roadside, and Yang Mou drove away quickly, resulting in multiple fracture of Zhu Mou's right massage
On the day of the incident, Yang took the initiative to surrender to the public security organs and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime. According to the surveillance video of a car's driving recorder, it was confirmed that Zhu climbed to the engine cover of the car and beat the windshield at the time of the incident. Yang Mou's driving vehicle was towed to 20 meters and fell to the ground, resulting in Zhu Mou's right tibial medial malleolus fracture caused by trauma, which was identified as the first grade of minor injury; the first wedge fracture of the right foot and the first-fifth metatarsal base fracture of the right foot, which were identified as the second grade of minor club
After the incident, the defendant Yang gave compensation to the victim Zhu, and the two sides reached a criminal settlement agreement. Baoshan District Procuratorate believes that Yang intentionally injures others'bodies, causing three minor injuries to one person. The criminal facts are clear, and the evidence is accurate and sufficient. He is prosecuted for the crime of intentional injury. Recently, the Baoshan District court sentenced yang to a year in prison for one year's imprisonment for intentional sauna
Prosecutors reminded: impulse brewing disaster, Zhu and Wang have paid for their impulsive behavior. The prosecutor reminds us that disputes arise from time to time in our lives, and it is wise to take rational measures to solve them. If you make irrational actions for a moment, you will only hurt others and hurt yourself.boy massage