Hunan officials for the wife of a motorcycle killed main bod

Recently, a netizen report Hunan Yongzhou Lengshuitan District flexed a woman surnamed due to body scraping deliberately killed a motorcycle driver, the woman for the region Mei Wan Street do Party committee deputy secretary of the week of a wife. Lengshuitan District Public Security Bureau confirmed this. The District Committee of political science and law officials told SMW reporter, Ms. Qu driving motorcycle rub, each other to accelerate to escape, flexion accelerating to catch up to a motorcycle crash, caused by a motorcycle main hit a roadside died, the flexion has been Xingju. In addition, the other party denied that forced to sign the compensation agreement, the family of the deceased to seek compensation for the use of the report of the Secretary to use the relationship to deal with the massage
Deputy Secretary of the wife of a motorcycle killed the main street
Informants to provide maps of the scene visible, a silver white car on the left are two scratch, another red and black motorcycle fell to the ground, the front wheel fracture, body of local fragmentation. "White car left this small scratch, only so two scratch, Lengshuitan Mei Wan Street office, deputy secretary of the Party committee week a wife flexion in a battle with her husband has the right, the home rich, ignoring the lives of others, broad daylight car killed a motorcycle driver!"male massage
According to the report said, the daily work to support workers Leixing were killed, three children living in one disaster after another. The said the incident Houzhou Secretary busy clear relationship, no account of the families of the deceased, deputy secretary of the District Committee of political science and law a surnamed Liao forced families to accept the unreasonable compensation. To this end, the family of the deceased in the street to protest the child to put on mourning apparel, kneeling.
Lengshuitan District Public Security Bureau alarm station staff to the south are reporters that does vice secretary wife hit dead things, but is not convenient to disclose the specific circumstances. Deputy Secretary Lengshuitan District Committee Liao Nandu responded to reporters, net posts report basically true, but biased.
Official denial of compensation sauna
Liao surname deputy secretary told reporters in Nandu, September 11th afternoon, the Public Security Bureau informed him to understand the results of the investigation. A preliminary investigation showed that September 11, at about 10 o'clock in the morning, Qu Ms. in Lengshuitan song Chau Bridge near by Leixing man driving a motorcycle rub, men sped away in an attempt to escape, Qu also accelerating to catch up. Bending in the chase after the motorcycle, to the right side of the steering wheel, trying to crash the motorcycle, causing the motorcycle hit the road, the man died.
"Qu was in the afternoon of 11 pm, police said the case belongs to the criminal case, with civil compensation." Liao surname Deputy Secretary also told reporters that in September 14th, more than the family of the deceased to the family of the deceased in, the door of the office of the street, hoping to negotiate compensation matters, from 10 am to 3 pm, the impact of normal office. So to send the police forced to persuade, and detained 2 people.
According to Liao, deputy secretary, said the current accident founder and the families of the deceased, to discuss compensation matters, he did not force the family signed a compensation agreement. For net posts said Zhou Secretary of the relationship between the use of a matter, Liao said and do not know, and guess the families of the deceased for the sake of compensation and club